My Office


IMG_7679I have an office in my home. It is a complete disaster zone. I am currently writing sideways, my wrist sliding on a receipt from Samy’s camera. Where my chair should be, there is a wine box filled with photos and topped with old benefits pamphlets. Therefore, my spine is in an s-curve in order to type.

It took me an hour to rediscover my login and password for this blog account (wish I could tell you what that is cause its pretty funny…)

BTW, I joined Instagram the other day, so, thats going to be something.

I have some old RAM cards that aren’t worth anything, in fact, they are a negative, just sitting in my view. Stacked and waiting for some brilliant idea of what to do with them. The earth can’t absorb them and technology has marched on. They are as worthless as worthless can be. I don’t think that anything on this earth is as useless and possibly even harmful to everyone around it than an old RAM chip. There is nothing that can be done with these sharp edged little platters of toxic metal and lack of speed.

I have bills spread out all over my floor. A poor attempt at paying them. If I spread them out so that I can see each company’s logo, I might feel inclined to pay them? Nope. Those bills just sit there, where once upon a time, my feet were free to tread.

Over on my right here I have my car registration sticker. I paid waaaay too much for it. It was 7 months late (and hundreds of dollars extra, plus hours of waiting in some DMV). I still need to affix the sticker to my car license plate. Haven’t been pulled over yet though, so, cheers to that.

The office is a mess. There is no hope in sight. However, I do love my Muji tape dispenser. Its acrylic, so, cool.



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